schoolgirls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play is on stage at the Ruth & Bucky Stein Theater at Thalian Hall

schoolgirls; Or, African nasty girls play is on stage at Thalian Hall at the Ruth & Bucky Stein Studio Theater this weekend from tonight through Sunday and next weekend, June 23rd through the 26e. Fracaswell Hyman directs the show and says it’s produced by the Big Dawg Theater Company and features incredible talent. Hyman says the beginning of the play centers around a character named Paulina, “who’s like the leader of this group of girls at school. She’s kind of a bully. And everyone is under his control. And they are about to audition to be a candidate for the Miss Ghana pageant.

Hyman says Paulina is sure she will win the pageant until a new girl shows up at school. The girl is biracial, so she has fair skin and long hair. His arrival causes a major upheaval among the girls.

“Now it’s a comedy but it has some really serious overtones that deal with colorism and the need for us to uphold standards of beauty that don’t necessarily come from our culture.”

He says it’s a theme that’s not only important and relevant to black culture, but also applies more broadly to anyone who’s ever tried to conform to beauty standards that are anything but natural. Hyman was drawn to the show because it offered black actresses a chance to showcase their talents here in Wilmington. He says his cast of 8 is amazing.

“One of the challenges was getting all the girls to have a South African accent. They’re young actresses so it was new but they worked on the accents and I’m very proud of them.

Hyman encourages everyone to see the show and promises you’ll laugh until your heart breaks. schoolgirls; Or, African nasty girls play until June 26e.

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