School equity leader resigned after racist and vulgar videos posted on TikTok

The equity team leader of a local school district is no longer in his role after parents discovered his racist and vulgar TikTok videos. But the school has known about his conduct for months.

Alicia Busch regularly attacks and mocks white people on her social media channel. She calls them “amoral colonizers” and explains that she wants to make them uncomfortable. Although she threatens people with physical violence in some videos, she also states that “there is no safe place for BIPOC to exist when whiteness is present”. She also claims that the “American dream is white supremacy”.

And as she and the district go their separate ways, Busch still has the backing of a candidate for the Maple Valley School Board. She was the campaign manager until this controversy gained too much ground.

Hateful and racist videos of an activist committed to equity

Busch is an “anti-racist” activist active in King County. Among her volunteer work, she was the leader of the Tahoma School District Equity Support Team.

The group Goals to ensure that Tahoma’s schools are “welcoming, supportive and safe for every student and every adult” in the district. But given Busch’s comments about White people on her TikTok account, she fell short of expectations.

“If you are a white person, I do not give . I don’t give a about your comfort,… your feelings,… about where you think you belong in the world. If my existence, my statements and my actions bother you, then I’m doing the right thing, ”Busch says in a video.

His TikTok account uses the nickname “pumpkinspicewhitneywhite” and has attracted just over 2,100 users. It is not known who found the videos, but they quickly spread around the neighborhood as parents spoke out against racism. The account is now private. The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH uploaded more than a dozen videos ahead of the channel’s lockdown.

Busch claims the American dream is “white supremacy”

Busch’s emotions on the video range from unbearable theatrical to self-righteous outrage. It is vulgar, exaggerated and fanatic.

“I am not anti-white. I am pro-responsibility, ”she says before launching a vulgar rant in a video.

But she seems to be “anti-white” according to the content of her videos.

“I should be used to this by now, but I’m not. There is no safe place for BIPOC when whiteness is present. There just isn’t one, ”she said desperately into the camera.

In some videos, Busch speaks wistfully as she walks through what appears to be her home. She says the “American Dream” is an example of white supremacy.

“You too can achieve the American dream if only you work hard enough to meet societal standards. And by ‘society’ I mean white supremacy. And if you assimilate yourself enough and reject – reject – all of your non-American culture, history, background, generational traumas and overcome them, so that you can once again achieve the American dream, which is white supremacy. . Isn’t it beautiful here when you dehumanize yourself to the point where you are no longer recognizable. Not only are you not recognizable, but you don’t have your own culture because it is lost to the American dream. “

Critical race theorists and other racial radicals believe assimilation is a by-product of the white supremacist culture imposed on racial minorities by the “oppressors.”

Busch isn’t a fan of cops either.

Busch says in a video that she is on a “decolonization journey” to return to her Okinawan roots. During this trip, she found a lot of hatred for the cops and America.

The activist complained in a video that she tried to call the police to “report racism”, but they laughed at her.

“I am being laughed at because… ‘First Amendment rights’,” she said, mocking the aerial quotes. “The police are not going to do for us.”

Busch says she walks for all the people of color who were shot by police, even if they were armed. It seems she doesn’t think an officer can ever justify the use of force.

Busch is an equity leader for the Tahoma School District

Busch was active on the Equity team for the Tahoma School District. But her angry messages suggest she should be away from children or in a position of power over equity. After an avalanche of parental complaints, she is no longer involved.

She was one of the three leaders of the Family Engagement Committee. The goal was to encourage “family participation and communication” across the district to “strengthen our support for student success”.

A community member, in an email to the district, said she didn’t think Busch was capable of promoting fairness because of her views.

“She hates white people,” a couple wrote to the district administration. Lucky for Tahoma, she provided the video evidence and showed you what she really believed. Now is the time for the Tahoma School District to not just talk about wanting equity, opportunity and inclusion, but to prove it by action by removing racist people, like Alicia, from their voluntary and / or paid and important positions.

She came out as an equity leader, but the school initially hijacked

In a statement to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, a district spokesperson said the district and Busch had agreed to go their separate ways, stressing that she was a volunteer and not a paid employee.

“This afternoon, the volunteer offered to step down from the fairness committee,” the spokesperson said. “The district and the volunteer have agreed that her removal from this group is in the best interest of our students and the Tahoma community at this time. We will continue to work for a welcoming, supportive and safe school system for every student and adult. “

The spokesperson said they heard about Busch’s videos the day before they split. But the district has known she was problematic since July when a parent complained she was acting on social media.

“I would like to officially file a complaint with the District regarding Alicia Busch,” a mother emailed the District on July 23, 2021. “Her demeanor and her enlightening parents are unacceptable. We can no longer ask the fairness committee to get valid information without being accused of being racist, anti-CRT, or even more, accusing parents of harming people ?! “

Busch was a campaign manager for the school board candidate

Busch is also trying to influence local schools on equity issues by running the campaign for Maple Valley School Board candidate Haley Pendergraft.

In a video statement job at Facebook, Pendergraft defends its campaign manager.

“I thought long and hard about the people I wanted to work with in this campaign. And to me, Alicia represents a person who has had experiences different from mine. I think they are of great value in this area, ”said Pendergraft.

Pendergraft says Busch’s views are “valuable” and dismisses them as simply “talking about his experiences as a person of color in society.”

Perhaps what Pendergraft finds valuable are the vicious Busch leveled attacks on his school board opponent.

In a statement to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, Pendergraft said that as of October 9, two days after releasing a defense for Busch, she was now leading the campaign herself.

“I took full control of my campaign on October 9th. I continue to run a campaign focused on the needs of ALL children and families in our community of Tahoma, ”she explained via email.

She did not explain, however, whether Busch still volunteers in any way in his campaign.

Busch redoubles his efforts, calling his racism “my truth”

On what appears to be his personal Facebook page, Busch brought up the controversy on his TikTok account. Above all, she doubles her hatred. She writing (in part):

I understand that my approach and my message can be abrasive. But it’s my truth. I understand that my posts can be difficult to consume. It is difficult to live this reality.

It is not confrontational to draw attention to systems of oppression. It is okay to speak your truth. What divides and harms is ignoring oppression and abuse.

Busch did not respond to a request for comment made as part of the Pendergraft campaign.

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