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Four kids born in one month at Hentona High School in Ogimi

Four kids born in one month at Hentona High School in Ogimi

Students and teachers of Hentona High School holding the four kids (July 29, Hentona High School in Ogimi)

August 12, 2021 Ryukyu Shimpo

Ogimi – In about the month of late June to late July, four kids were born one after another at Hentona Secondary School in Ogimi, a town near a forest that is a natural heritage site. The four goats were born to three of the Okinawan goats that the high school science club raises. The playground came alive with their arrival.

On June 23, eight-month-old Elsa gave birth to a male baby goat. Because the child was born on Okinawa Memorial Day (irei no hello) in the Reiwa era, he was called Rei. Working backwards since Elsa gave birth, she reportedly became pregnant when she was three months old. In most cases, goats become pregnant when they are around a year old, so students and teachers alike were surprised, with one saying “I can’t believe she can have a baby that young !”

On July 22, Momo, Elsa’s mother, gave birth to a baby goat whose fur resembles that of a panda. Niko, who is not related to Momo and Elsa, gave birth to twin black and white goats on July 28. These three babies have not yet been named.

The kids spend their time in the shade of the trees in the school yard, frolicking near their mothers and playing together. Yuto Kinjo is a second-year student at Hentona High School and was present when Niko gave birth. He says: ‘She seemed really agitated and didn’t want to settle down, so I went to see her. I didn’t know she would have her twins. Looking at the goats, he adds “They’re cute.”

Hentona High School works on research related to the breeding and genetics of Okinawan goats to help in their propagation and protection. They are currently looking for people or organizations capable of conducting joint research with them. The school plans to entrust the newborn goats to social support structures.

(English translation by T&CT and Ellen Huntley)

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