Refrain from launching new e-scooters says government

Taking notice of the recent wave of battery-related fires that have broken out inside electric two-wheelers across the country, the Union government has asked all e2W (electric two-wheeler) brands to s refrain from establishing new products in the market.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently held a meeting in the capital to discuss the increase in battery-related fires which have become a public health issue.

While e2W manufacturers are free to sell current models, several have issued recalls to further analyze the cause of these fires. Okinawa issued the largest recall with 3,215 scooters going back to base, Pure EV, which has been mired in fire-related events since last year, also makes up a large chunk of the number of scooters recalled, with Ola Electric having recalled 1,441 scooters.

It should be noted that Ola did this after a singular battery fire incident in Pune. But the actions are in line with the government’s instruction that a whole batch of scooters must be recalled, even if just one scooter malfunctioned. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has threatened the brands with sanctions if they fail to recall the scooters in time.

According to this directive, even brands that have not experienced any battery-related fires will not launch electric scooters this year. It remains to be seen how brands react to what has been only a verbal suggestion so far.

The move was made to give the government more time to put the right authority body in place and take a closer look at the cause of these incidents, while preventing brands from launching faster, bigger, and potentially more dangerous of these scooters, it also prevents brands from launching improved versions of less than stellar products. It remains to be seen what will happen to the electric vehicle brands that are waiting to debut in the Indian market.

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